Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides a wide range of coverage for your house, possessions, liability from a great variety of possible causes of loss to your valuable property:

  • Rebuild or repair the structure of your house if it is damaged by hazards such as fire, rain, lightning, windstorm, vandalism, smoke, riot, vehicles or aircraft. 
  • Replace or repair your possessions in the home for those same hazards plus theft or burglary.  There is optional special coverage for jewelry, collections, fine art, professional cameras, etc.
  • Personal Liability Protection against lawsuits made by persons who feel you have injured them as the result of your negligence, such as leaving a hose across the sidewalk that causes a person to trip, fall and sustain injury.
  • Loss of Use coverage to pay you for the additional room and board and living costs if you are turned out of your home as the result of damage covered in your policy, while the repairs are being done, after a fire, for instance.
  • Other structures or separate structures coverage for detached buildings on your propery such as a detached garage, greenhouse, poolhouse, gazebo, guest house.

If you have a mortgage on your house, the lender will require insurance whether you want it or not, in order to guarantee the security of their loan.  Talk to one of our experts to tailor you a custom homeowner insurance plan.

Click on a link below to get quotes from 25 companies.

Free HOMEOWNER insurance quote
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     Do It Yourself Homeowner Quote from Safeco.
If your house is less than 20 years old or has been completely updated in the last 20 years and your credit is good and you are not in a brush hazard zone, click this button for a quote from Safeco.  Great coverage, excellent service and the some of the best rates in the industry.  If you need help, call me:  626 584 6303.

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