California Earthquake Insurance Quote

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If you would prefer to give us your information by phone, give us a call at (626) 584-6303 and give us the information below regarding your home and current homeowner insurance coverage:



Year built: 
Square footage of the dwelling:
Number of stories including basement:

Current Homeowner Coverage A Dwelling Replacement amount: $
What company are you currently insured with?
[You will find this information on your homeowner declarations page or send a copy if you can]

Foundation: Raised or slab or mixed?
Crawlspace under house?

If yes, describe as:  full, partial, unfinished, finished;
Square footage of basement

EQ Retrofitted? (is the house bolted per current code, water heater strapped, etc.)?

Exterior Wall Construction: frame or masonry?
Exterior wall covering: Stucco, wood, masonry?
Any veneer? (brick, wood clapboard, shingle, siding)
Masonry chimney?
How many?

Slope: Is the house on a hill?
Slope is gentle, moderate, steep, sheer?

Do you currently have EQ insurance?
With which company?
What is your deductible?
Coverage amount?