Get a California Earthquake Insurance Quote

Use this FREE self-help tool to quickly get a California earthquake insurance quote, available right here, online. Unlike many other earthquake insurance websites you may have come across, Stephen B. Groton Insurance and YourInsurancePal.com will NEVER sell your information.

You will need this information to get an accurate quote:  Homeowners insurance declaration pages.  From the first page we need the Coverage A Dwelling Replacement Cost figure.  It is usually the first figure at the top of a column of figures pertaining to the various major coverage forms on your homeowner policy.  It is on this figure that the earthquake insurance company will base its quote, so it is important to have it handy.

There are other questions such as the type of foundation that is under your house, whether or not you have a basement or crawlspace and whether there has been any earthquake retrofitting done to your home.  You may or may not know the answers to these construction questions, but if you are interested in earthquake insurance, then getting those answers will make you much better able to make the right decisions about your earthquake insurance, including whether or not it is worth having earthquake insurance.