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Complete each field and give as much detail as possible in order to get the best home insurance quote.  It is always a good idea to have your current home insurance declarations page in front of you for comparison purposes.  Use the most recent updated declarations page so we get the most accurate home insurance quote.

The most important data, besides the address, is the date of construction, square footage, number of stories, foundation type (basement, crawlspace, slab).  Other vital information pertains to the date of utility and roof improvements.  The principal operating functions of a home are the roof, water pipes, electrical and HVAC (heat, ventilation and air conditioning).

Roof:  Insurance companies ideally want to see the roof replaced within the last 20 years, unless it is tile.

Electrical:  Ideally the insurance company wants to see an electrical panel over 100 amps and preferably 200 amps or more.  They definitely want to see circuit breakers and not fuses.  The wall electrical outlets should all be 3-prong (grounded) and wired with copper.  If you have some form of Romex, NM or NMC wiring, you are probably okay.  It is copper wire wrapped in non-metallic substance.  If your electrical outlets are two-prong then it is an old electrical system and the electrical panel is probably under 100 amps.    Insurance companies want to see the ideal house, updated and well maintained.  Very few companies will accept a house with any electrical system that is fully or partially on fuses.

Water pipes:  Insurance companies prefer to see that the water pipes have been fully replaced within the last 25-30 years with copper or PEX.

HVAC:  Generally insurance companies want to see updated heat, preferably central heat, within the last 40 years.  Most companies do NOT want to see wall or floor heat.  None want to see heat without a thermostat, stoves as the principal source of heat.  They definitely don’t want to see “none” in the “Type of heat” description.