Auto Insurance for Mexico

Your U.S. auto insurance will probably not cover you in Mexico.  Even if your U.S. policy provides limited Mexico coverage, there will be a restriction as to how far into Mexico it will cover, for instance, 50 miles or 25 miles, or a restriction on how long it will cover you, usually no more than 10 days.  You do NOT want to get caught driving in Mexico without valid auto insurance, especially if you have an accident and someone is hurt.  You might find yourself in jail until restitution is guaranteed.  Think: "Jail" = not fun.   Think: "Mexican jail" = really not fun!

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Good luck and have a nice trip!

When getting a quote and choosing a policy, you may notice that there are two types of Mexico Insurance:  One is the Mexican form and the other is the U.S. form written by American International Group (AIG), one of the largest insurance companies in the world.  The above example is a good example of the difference in the two forms and how it would apply to you in a real situation.  Let's say you have an accident in Mexico and there is some injury.  The Mexican policy will NOT bail you out of jail if you are arrested.  The U.S. policy form will.  The U.S. form is what you are most familiar with and I suggest you get it rather than the Mexican form.  Often there is very little difference in cost.

There are other forms of Mexico Insurance available such as Family Trip and Medical, Boat, Vacation Homeowner and Commercial Vehicles.