Two-wheel transportation is looking better all the time as gas prices go up.  Maintenance, gas and insurance for motorcycles and scooters is very cheap. Local travel cost throughout Southern California can be cut in half or more by using two-wheel transport. And did I mention that the insurance on motorcycles is cheap?  It is the lowest cost insurance for any kind of vehicle.  A mature rider with a clean record often renews for under $100 per year for basic liability.
I should mention the obvious:  Two-wheel transportation is FUN!  Want to have a good time getting around Los Angeles?  Get a bike… with a motor on it.
If you need to protect your motorcycle from fire, theft, collision, vandalism we can help. Our insurance policies cover all kinds of motorcycles, from sport bikes, cruisers, standard, touring bikes, custom motorcycles, scooters and classic motorcycles. It can also cover custom equipment, riding apparel, guest medical payments and towing and labor.

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