Renters Insurance

Your landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal property or your liability if something bad happens in your apartment or rented house.

Why buy Renters Insurance?

There are two common reasons:

1.  You now own enough stuff that you think:  “What would happen if I lost all of my possessions?”  Various scenarios may dance through your head such as fire, theft or vandalism.  Once you begin to feel the need to protect your personal possessions, then it’s time to get Renters Insurance.
2.  Your landlord requires it.   This is happening more and more.  Your landlord’s interest is not in your personal property but in the Liability portion of the Renters policy.  He wants to make sure that if there is a lawsuit against you, the tenant, as the result of your, or your guest’s, negligence, that the landlord and his insurance will not be pulled into your lawsuit.

Your Renters policy will cover, repair or replace, your Personal Property for theft, fire, water damage, smoke, vandalism, etc.
It will also cover your Personal Liability in the event that someone sues you for bodily injury or property damage that occurs at your place.  It will cover Loss of Use of your place in the event that you are turned out as the result of a fire, for instance, and need supplementary money to tide you over for food and rent while your place is being fixed or you find a new one.

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